Copy trading with BinarySniper Indicator

In case you don’t have any strategy/ indicator to play with MT2IQOPTION software, consider to use copy trading service. Now, we support customers by sharing FREE copy trading using BinarySniper that has value $249

BinarySniper indicator copy ID: 8MMYEpEK7wg4BINWjG9FrBKG4

Introduction BinarySniper Indicator

BinarySniper is buy sell arrow indicator for Metatrader platform. It allows you to trade binary option based on arrow, just wait for buy/sell arrow appear and then place an order.

Using MT2IQOPTION connect with BinarySniper indicator will help you fully automated binary option trading

Feature of binarysniper indicator:

  • Win rate: >60% (we have traded for a year to record data)
  • Trade sessions: any
  • Currency pairs: any
  • Working timeframe: M5
  • Expiration time: 5 minutes
  • Around 10 trades/ day across all pairs

Price of BinarySniper Indicator: $249; this indicator is sold on mql5.com market

Learn more about BinarySniper indicator, click here

Guarantee Profit If You Follow These Rules

  • Do not stop software after some losses, even 3rd martingale occur
  • Run 24/5 on your home PC (from Monday to Friday)
  • Do not mix with other indicators/ strategies
  • High network connection to make sure software run smoothly; otherwise you will loss martingale continually because low network will make mt2iqoption software freeze and then you need to restart software again
  • Do not restart software after trade

Preparation Before Set Up

IQ Option account

  • If you already have IQ Option account, that’s good
  • If you don’t have IQ Option account, click here to sign up new account
  • If you already have IQ Option account and tried with MT2IQOPTION for 7 days before, please sign up new account here because MT2IQOPTION 7 days trial actives for unique email.

MT2IQOPTION software

To use copytrading service, your account must be activated licence. Don’t worry, we have full 7 days FREE trial. It means you can use copytrading service with BinarySniper indicator and make money with this function in real account for total FREE.

If you don’t have MT2IQOPTION software, download here

How Copy Trading Service Works

How copy trading works on MT2IQOPTION software

How To Set Up Copy Trading & Configure With MT2IQOPTION Software

Step 1: Open MT2IQOPTION software

Step 2: Click setting

Step 3: Enable copy trade ->Yes

enable copy trade

Step 4: Copy ID code to Copy source ID

BinarySniper indicator copy ID: 8MMYEpEK7wg4BINWjG9FrBKG4

input copy source ID

Step 5: Configuration money management, filter and functional based on your needs

BinarySniper works perfect with martingale 3 steps. We suggest to set up number of step: 3 and coefficient: 2

Step 6: Save and restart software


To sum up, you just need to open MT2IQOPTION, then follow instruction above, our software will handle everything for you. This copy trading service is total FREE for those who have MT2IQOPTION licence. However, you can really make money with this as we have FREE 7 days trial version. Check the price plans here

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